TRIPELLO – About me – QUIX4U and QUIX-NZ

Sunday, November 23, 2008

TRIPELLO – About me – QUIX4U and QUIX-NZ


Um? – some of you – are probably wondering about now- ?


The info – (OF MINE)

shown here BELOW – (word for word)

(originally for almost 2yrs) “ON” MY FINDA SITE – ?

WHY – ? – has THAT ? (now) been – All deleted ?


August 2008 ?


AND maybe- YOU ?

(still want to know all there is to know)


(be that – Us, Him – or simply – “IT” )

Well … it’s full – it’s complex & it’s very, very, VERY – long >>>

But it’s ALL ‘about’ ME

& thus was “always” ON my finda site … in NZ

UNTIL THIS MONTH – August 2008

Before they “FINDA” – simply decided to “delete”

(most of this decidely verbose & rambling – yet)



By “making” the (so_called) FREE?  … “site” (yeah ryt) 


& with a HUGE paid advert’s banner ?

Which has thus ????



& Thereby utterly stuft MY (original) HOMEPAGE …

For my domains &

Isn’t it JUST AS WELL – (the last time) – FINDA screwed_up

I “made” THE NEW EDIT – in my P.C …

On a NEW_EMAIL doc – always sending these to myself FIRST

(& thus ensuring “my” copyright – see)

for MY (future) INFO

(keeping it UP_TO_DATE – every re-edit)

Before attempting those RE_EDITS?

Last re-edit – (this month) – AUGUST 2008

& Now….

HERE WE ARE … it’s “that” FUTURE.


All of “My” – (hosted site details at Finda) – re: WebPage “re_edit’s_info”

Publicly displayed onsite there
Since we joined “” on Tuesday, November 21, 2006 9:34 AM ..
Until advised that the current info (detailed below) was deleted/revised during August 2008.

Thankfully– we made original copies of this, on draft emails (for our own offsite reference).


QUIX – NZ. …………………………………………………..

(Hinge Services Central Ltd)

Map & Street_View (Yellow House) Virtual looksee ,

via:- .

135 Branxholm Street [9500] Bulk_Deliveries,

P.O. Box: 79, [9441] Postal_Deliveries.

CBD, Roxburgh Central Otago, South Island – NZ

0800 QUIX4U
Fax:(03) 4468418
Mobile:(027) 5784928
Tollfree:0800 784948

WARNING: you are about to have your brain “irreversibly” altered …


Especially with The “QC_QT” philosophy.
affectionally called … KewC_CuTie … (by QUIX staff)

Oh & P.S:
in this case the “P.S” actually means Pre-Script – as:
… Reading this – WILL TAKE – quite A_LOT of your time.
… (Maybe an hour, or more)

… But: If you NOW have the time…
… Read_On:


Discover the QUIX information about this:
Which is our NEW “mathematical_theory”:

Quantum Chaos in QUIX-3D & 4D “TRIPELLO” AUDIO Systems.
(or: Simply_Put – The “QC_QT” philosophy – as above)

Find out about all QUIX – NZ’s products
& “learn_a_little” about our 3D & 4D Surround_Sound_Systems:

SDSS, DDSS, & the newest QUIX-4D_325.13x “TDSS”

Compare the “similarities & differences” between Either:
SDSS – Singe_Digit_Surround_Sound
of 1x to 9x Channels.
DDSS – Double_Digit_Surround_Sound
from 10x to 99x Channels.
& (now) OUR:
TDSS – Triple_Digit_Surround_Sound
for ANYTHING_ELSE – above 100x Channels.

Details about SDSS; DDSS & TDSS is shown in many places herein,

Most from “midpoint_down”, as well as some info on
OUR theory of operation of
the newest “QUIX_MEGA”:

QUIX-4D_325.13x “TDSS”

Some is ALSO near the extreme bottom – of this “immense” FREE info_page.

We here – at QUIX – never rest.
(well – maybe some would say that)

Actually – as there is “An Inventor” in residence …
This “entity” – OFTEN – gets UP in the middle of the night.
Sometimes just mere minutes after “retiring to bed” ???
Simply because a “theorim” – OR NEW IDEA – needs “TESTING”.

Such as this:
QUIX may soon be able to “provide”
what would probably be called:


“Spacial_Effects” Special_Public_Address Surround_Sound_Systems

We MAY soon be able to CONVERT all spacial_effects of:
And feed this – “back” into your (EXISTING) “MONO_BASED” PA system.

Instead of std. “dull & dreary” (normal) MONO
Akin to someone listening to an old gramophone ?
You should NOW – be able to dial_in – any “PART” of SURROUND_SOUND

We are (now) working towards that “being” – All.the.Way:
From the FRONT of a “Stage”,
To the REAR of said STAGE.

where you “want” a particular musical PIECE
But did NOT necessarily enjoy the “LEAD VOCALIST”
You may (soon) “dial_them_out” …
To whatever LEVEL – you want them – “OUT”.

We can NOW also “remix” anything – into whatever “effect” you want.

Anytime you “want” a sample (CLIP)
Simply send an email to us – (preferably in HTML format)
& we will then “imbed” a BACKGROUND_SOUND
Being any one of our “spacial_effect_remixes”

Placed “Directly” into the RETURN EMAIL
which should NOW (if received in HTML format)
then “play” automatically – in forever “looping” mode;
(whilst you “READ” your return mail describing these “effects”)

There are ALSO herein included:
Several “quotations” & (other) information “excepts”;
to assist the “reader” (you)
in fully appreciating seemingly “un-hither-to” known
secrets …
of various aspects of OUR Innovative_Inventions …

(of course)
WE WILL NOT DISCLOSE (pertainent) “specifics”
of exactly HOW – any of these SYSTEMS – “work”

(Please) REMEMBER:
Reading this – WILL TAKE – quite “A LOT” of your time.

So 1st:
Take a “LOOK” at the RHS “minimised” Scroll_Bar_Icon
Which as – “small” – as it “is” now:
Surely will “show” (You) that this “REALLY_IS”:
An IMMENSE (& FREE) info page …
That: I have utilised “here” – to (YES) it’s maximum_capabilities.

Which therefore makes for an outstandingly long – & “massive_reading”.

If you are NOW ready – (please) … “Carry_On” …


I (& ALL staff associated with QUIX – NZ)
Like many before us have done – “believe”:
In a similar way – to the philosophy of “Objectivism”:

As to that put forth by:
Ayn Rand (in the 20th century).

Ayn Rand “eloquently” stated:
(She believed) this of her phylosophy of “Objectivism”:

It is that which is bound by “three fundamentals”
Encompassing ALL of these subjective values:

metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics.

Metaphysics: The Objective Reality
(Main article: Objectivist metaphysics)

Ayn Rand’s philosophy is based on three axioms:

the Axiom of Existence,
the Law of Identity,
and the Axiom of Consciousness.

Rand defined an axiom as:
“a statement that identifies”:

the base of knowledge
and of any further statement pertaining to that knowledge,

a statement necessarily contained in all others
whether any particular speaker chooses to identify it or not.

An axiom is a proposition that defeats its opponents
by the fact that they have to accept it
and use it in the process of any attempt to deny it.

As Leonard Peikoff noted,
Rand’s argumentation “is not a proof” that the axioms of:
existence, consciousness, and identity are true.

It is proof that they are axioms,
that they are at the base of knowledge
and thus inescapable.

Objectivism states:
that “Existence exists” (the Axiom of Existence)
and “Existence is Identity.”

To be is to be.

“An entity of a specific nature made of specific attributes”.

That which has no attributes does not and cannot exist.

Hence, the Law of Identity:

A thing is what it is.

Whereas “existence exists” pertains to existence itself
(whether something exists or not),
the law of identity pertains to the nature of an object
as being necessarily distinct from other objects
(whether something exists as this or that).

As Rand wrote,
A leaf cannot be all red and green at the same time,
it cannot freeze and burn at the same time.

“A is A.”

Rand held that
When one is able to perceive something that exists,
then one’s “Consciousness exists”
(the Axiom of Consciousness), & that consciousness
“is being the faculty of perceiving that which exists”.

Objectivism maintains that what exists
does not exist because one thinks it exists;

It simply exists,

regardless of anyone’s awareness,
knowledge or opinion.

For Rand,
“to be conscious is to be conscious of something”,
so that an objective reality independent of consciousness
has to exist first for consciousness to become possible,

and there is no possibility of a consciousness
that is conscious of nothing outside itself.

Thus consciousness cannot be the only thing that exists.
“It cannot be aware only of itself â�� (AS)
there is no ‘itself’
until it is aware of something”.

Objectivism holds that the mind cannot create reality,
but rather,
it is a means of discovering reality.

& furthur …

Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy
regards the Law of Causality, which states that

things act in accordance with their natures,
as “the law of identity applied to action”.

Rand rejected the popular notion
that the causal link relates action to action.

According to Rand,

an “action” is not an entity,
rather, it is entities that act,
and every action is the action of an entity.

The way entities interact
is caused by the specific nature (or “identity”)
of those entities;

if they were different there would be a different result.


(Thus:- I Cut & Pasted the “above” – from Wikipedia)

As (I too believe – as the Inventor)
That I did, & thus have, NOT – actually “created” something NEW.

I discovered “something” THAT ALREADY EXISTED
(when I discovered – Analogue Surround Sound – in 1965)

This “also” pertains;
to ALL my (other) Inventions & Innovations

They ALREADY EXISTED – I just “found_them” (first).


. . . . . . . . BREAKING NEWS . . . . . . . .
….. QUIX is now “GLOBAL” with ….

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(These 2x DOT.COM’s are now our “global_portal_websites”)
& which re-direct – automatically – “back there”.

There are “ALSO” many “other” Blog-Sites (of MINE – out there)

If you want – try & “FIND THEM”

QUIX 3D & 4D
etc., etc …

To get “photo (& graphics) sites”:
(simply) run a “google” on this Expression …

… Bob’s ur uncle, Trev’s ur friend & Willy doesn’t know …

(or simply GO_DIRECT via )


(Or) If you “prefer” – try these:
“QUIX” quiz’s …

Can you ANSWER any of “THESE” ??? :

What is (?) “enneagon.ophonic” (?)
It’s our Basic – “NINE” (9x) Ch. Analogue Audio_Surround_System

Or could you ?
Name a 16.7xCh Sound System ???
(Nah – I DUNNO – so “why” don’t U try?)

AND c’mon …
What would you call:

A “virtual_system” comprising some – 325.13x – channels ???
(25x Mains, 13x Subwoofers & 300x VIRTUALS)

We called it the:
QUIX-4D_325.13x “TDSS” (Triple_Digit_System)

Only with QUIX 3D & 4D Deplexer_Decoder Units:

Has it been possible (since 1965):

To actually “run” such (Massive -Yet) simple:
“Analogue Surround_Sound Systems”


At present:
Our (other) QUIX.CO.NZ website – (est. in 2002)
is “purely” an email_host – for ALL (our) other website “emails”
(until WE “future_build” that – as our “MAIN PAGE”)

. . . . . . . . . . ?Soon? . . . . . . . . . .


At “QUIX” – we also – “MAKE_UP” WORDS AS WE GO ALONG …

Good reason (as discovered):
there being NO descriptors in “Dictionaries”.
(resulting in a young operator at FindA – deleting info – via SPELLCHECK)
Thus our “slightly” re-edited edition – when placed LAST time around.

(= Someone “PUSHED_US” & we’re right at the =)


…. Outer.Edge88.8FM (that is) …

Still NOT_ON_AIR as we’re having site & transmission issues


QUIX “products” can thus be made to order
Even sometimes made available via (either):-

“Direct_Contact” with the premises;
By:- Telephone, Fax & email …

Or “Sold / Auctioned” through occasional General_Listings
through Auction with On_Line “SHOPPING” mediums:

On APN’s network of interlinked “sites” including SELLA

Just go to the extreme “top_left” of this (FindA) page
& in the header bar – find _SELLA_ – to enter.
Then “run” a General Classified Search:

Surround Sound

When we “post” an auction on:


“PLUS” …
Specific Terms Of Trade there
are to comply with TradeMe “Site_Rules”

The TradeMe auction site:

Is ONLY for New Zealand & Australian “members”.
We DO NOT YET – post direct Internationally.

We can Custom_Design & Manufacture ANY of our:
QUIX-3D “TRIPELLO” (Analogue) Surround-Sound Decoders
(either at our Roxburgh premises – or “on_site” – if YOU require) …


Discover (QUIX) info. about this – OUR NEW “mathematical_theory”:
(the … KewC_CuTie … )

Quantum Chaos in QUIX-3D & 4D “TRIPELLO” AUDIO systems

Audio “expands” exponentially – in all directions
(similar in construction, as to a Bee’s Honeycomb)

More references are outlined below including SDSS, DDSS & TDSS.

So – You’ve heard the “expression”:
. . . Oh – Boy – what a great song that was . . .

QUIX Deplexer_Decoder units,
when ADDED (&-or coupled_in)
between your amplifier’s output & existing speakers;
simply allows use of additional speakers
(similar to your existing ones)
to be added up to the required number of channels
These “enable” conversion of any std. stereo unit
into FULL Surround.Systems
(an additional 1.1x “floating” TRUE centre is available also)
Basically speaking – You can now have:
3x, 6x, 9x, & 12x (twelve) Chls.
from, & via, your existing 2x Track “stereo” equipment.

simply means (one to nine):
Single DIGIT sound systems;
is our “Descriptor” for ALL systems of “Double_Digit” Channels;
& 3. TDSS
is for all those others – “ABOVE 100X CHANNELS” …
Such as with our “newest”:
QUIX-4D_325.13x “TDSS” (Triple_Digit_Sound_System)

NOW you can “hear” ALL your stereo music
in it’s (originally recorded)TOTAL FULLNESS;
& is very “simply” -=- yet accurately Re-Created:

Either in:
SDSS – Singe_Digit_Surround_Sound
Or with:
DDSS – Double_Digit_Surround_Sound
& even in:
TDSS – Triple_Digit_Surround_Sound


About Us: (main overview)

>>>>>>>>>~~~~~~~~~~~~> QUIX <~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<<<<

Here at QUIX – we base inventions (some Patented) & our experiments upon:

Exploring, & then expounding, many ideas, innovative concepts & “things” !!!

(as per Ayn Rand’s philosophy of “Objectivism” – detailed above)

Be they Agricultural -or- Horticulturally based:
where someone may have “problems”
obtaining replacement components
(or just “well_out_of_date” & thus unattainable);
Maybe in areas relating to “Home Comforts”;
such as experienced around
city dwellings
where maybe Ur component has “lost” it’s fittings
(that no-one “stocks” nowadays)
& through to exploring radically different methods
of solving problems & if able to:
then “discover” such equipment.part – either in other related areas,
or we MAY alter, repair, &
if possible redesign;
remake or change the operating methods;
be they purely mechanical in usage
or even have an entirely (intrinsic) “enjoyment” function;
(to that which they were originally “DESIGNED” to do)


Thus: We delve into areas of “creating new products” (to replicate those “lost”),
where you are unable, or they are too expensive, – to replace “by normal means”
(especially where-/-when) you have a problem with an “out-of-production” item.

Maybe an “outside” supplier – WON’T_SUPPLY ???
unless you TAKE the whole “RUN_OUT”
Sometimes RUN_OUTS can amount to “thousands of units” …
Especially where SMALL_CLIPS & suchlike are concerned …
… & U “only” wanted – ? ONE ? …
(This happened to a “local” identity … recently)

MISSING SOME “tiny” GLASS_RETAINER CLIPS (for their glass_house)
They were TOLD – by a “rather large”
Merchant store – in a (Neighbouring) Larger_Town:
That No-One was using that “STYLE” of clip – anymore …
“BUT”: – if the “CLIENT” was willing – they would “ORDER” them specially.

But – ONLY if the “client” would take a 10,000 RUN_OUT …
But we ONLY wanted 50x – the guy told us – ?
(simple – WE “HAND” MADE SOME – just for him)

First: We “look_at” the original product (or where it should “be”),
& try to redesign “OUR_OWN” version.
& thus “make” an entirely NEW_REPLACEMENT – for you to use.

Such as “creating” those 50x cheap alternatives to “expensive_bulk” replacement.clips
(& designed “form_benders” for Hi_Tensile_Wire – for creating those replacements)
Or … if another product is available – but NOT the correct item?
We may take these INSTEAD
& specially redesign these (by us)
thus “converting” one product range – “into” another.

For instance:
Utilising (& EXTENDING the usage of) electric fencing equipment.

Normally ONLY 3x wire/tape reels “FIT” a Warratah.
(BUT a client wanted 7x wires?)

So ?
We designed a “special” hooking clip (in 2000)
allowing the “new_usage” of
Cheap “fixed_installation”:
electric.egg insulators into, & as, quick_release end_ties.

We wanted our EASILY translocated & self_interlocking GATE.HINGE
to be “used” at the other end of that “FENCE”.
(For which we HOLD the NZ. & AU. Patents – for said HINGE).

Here we were able to segregate LARGE paddocks
into a dozen, or so, smaller paddocks …
each with it’s own GATE

(and with intermediary electric fences positioned thus)

Just ONE gate length
from the gate hinge – of one “strip_fence”
AND Stopping ONE gate length – SHORT
(of the next strip.fence’s gate.hinge ???)

Thus creating running lanes
between ANY two electric fence “GATEWAYS”;
as well as between ALL such fences
PLUS – with another consideration that was known (to us):

Is capable of swinging NOT 1x, or 2x, BUT 3x “semi_independant” gates.

THUS – a quick “vehicular trip” – or stock movement – can OCCUR between:
ANY of those “MANY” semi_temporary enclosures within or out of those fences;
YET – all are independant – and thus “strip_grazed” – RIGHT TO BOUNDARY.

How ?
Simple … start at one end-/-entrance “GATE”
Go through gate 1x & close gate 1x. (only 2x gates at end-/-entranceways)
swing “attached” gate 2x – to “Set” interim (running_lane) fence then move
across strip & repeat (removing any “stock” from the running lane – as you go)

at the “next” fence – (which will be one of the “temporary.electrics” with 3x gates)

Set gate 1x BACK to running_lane; re-close gate 2x, Set gate 3x to next “lane”

You now have “non_exit” lanes developing – that each “strip” cannot access.
At the other side … (end-/-exit) … into another paddock – or public road even …

Simply “GO OUT” & do what you have to do (or if needed – pass several times)

Or ?????????? Maybe ?????????:

You _JUST_ want to use the “running_lane” as a sort of “stock_inspection area”
Or – simply move “stock” from outside paddocks – past those being “strip_grazed”

Even better – is this scenario when you want to “shift” stock BETWEEN say:

Strip (A) over to (D) – when OTHER stock is strip_grazing between these @ (C) …

Also – you want to move (E) into (B) bring OUTSIDE stock to (A) – then finally (B) ?

Oh – that’s right … you need to “take” the stock in (B) – “OUT” & then ACROSS
that OUTSIDE paddock _whose stock went to (A) _ so that (B) can get to the YARD’s.

Easy – just “swing” then SET your gates – to:
whichever “strip_access” you want – ?
Then “drive” your stock through – INDEPENDANTLY – of all other stock.,

If you have “utilised” temporary “intermediary gates”;
You can NOW remove these – for use elsewhere.

Thus – with ONLY one gate per strip – temporarily hang “extras” (removing later)

NOT POSSIBLE with any other strip grazing methods – as “dropping” a gate
“DROPS THE ENTIRE FENCE” – thus – stock wanders everywhere.

Or – this scenario:
a FIXED “permanent” fence.lane is – “in paddock” (reducing cultivation of same)

When you are “finished” with “strip_grazing” that main paddock …
You can NOW then do this:
simply remove ALL electric fencing, unclip those “egg” insulators, remove gates,
& “lift” the QUIX hinges from their base_plates (that are concreted into ground)
“out of harms way” of irrigators, haymaking & cutting equipment &/or fertilizer spreaders

Then – NEXT_TIME you want to “regraze” – (after hay, refertilizing and watering)
simply remove protector caps from baseplates – pop in hings, swing gates and …
“run” your electric wires wherever you wish – making say 6x (or 3x strips ONLY)

AND – much like a Backgammon Board has “TRIANGULAR_SPIKES” –
Even running “Half_Strips” down to a “midway” gate position
(for those times that you use – smaller herds)

Thus “placing” one 1/2 strip – missing one, then “placing” an alternate 1/2 strip:
& simply leaving a wide access “between” strips
allowing freedom of movement between outer paddocks;
by simply swapping 1/2 strips onto other halves – this grazes the whole paddock

And even better still – avoids the “use” of a strip lane – as this is NOW the open area.
this method employs QUIX hinges in two ways:
As Gate_Hinges – as WELL_AS the electric fence “POSTS” )

(being the original “product” of the QUIX [tm] )
is a muli-purpose (self interlockable “modular & adjustable”) fixed hinge unit.

The use of OUR hinge – allows the quick “Set_up -/- Take_down” requirement
of (nearly all) situations that use (Temporary) Stock_Control “electric fencing”.
We were able – to “not only” set_up” electric fences – in this manner …
These can also be utilised to convert TEMPORARY YARDS – into PERMANENT
Or when used as semi-permanent stock yards, can utilise your farm truck / ute
(which “carried” the associate “gates” to “site”) & even allows the tail/side doors
to become an intergral component of said temporary yardings – thus allowing the
utilisation of any “on_board” equipment – such as dagging & crutching plants etc …


At QUIX – I believe if WE can help THINGS to be done simpler – then:
why would YOU “not” use our QUI_[ck_fi]_X.

I also believe – if you already have ONE product – why not explore “many” uses
to obtain maximum advantage; without requiring purchase of additional equipment.


I delve into “recycling” in ways not understood by most recyclers;
whom simply – send “STUFF” to a “smelter” (or even to another country far away),
so that the “original” MATERIAL (unit) – is reduced BACK into “raw_materials”;
for another “EXPENSIVE” (at least to the environment) “process” that then:
converts that (raw_material) into another – even LESS recyclable by_product … ???

I also prefer – to “LOOK” at ways to ONLY_RECYCLE the USE of those products.

Thus – plastic milk containers – become convenient “tools, parts, plant holders”;
Plastic (food) DRUMS (around 20L) become stock.water bowls, & plant holders;
44gal.drums get split lengthwise – fitted with 2x of our “hinges”
& then become:
Resealable – Stock “HAY” holder-/-feeders, coverable water-bowls, BBQ’s etc.,
by the simple addition – of yet another “recycled product” – old metal school desks …
Which are “ideal” as (with wooden tops removed) they are at the correct “height”.

Old “PUSH_BIKE” rims survive as: “recycled” – into “distance_measuring_tools”;
PVC Pipe “offcuts” survive as QUIX MULTI_POUCHES (tools, parts, nails, etc);
Or for a vast variety of other functions – like being that place in which to store,
or hold, your “jogger-/-swimming gear”, keys, cellphone, coins, notes & pills etc.

We can produce the “smallest” you require (from recycled electrical PVC conduit);
Up to “larger_sealed” units – for storing Architectural & Building Plans on WET open_sites.


With regards to our “favourite passion” – MUSIC:

Our multiple_ch Deplexer_Decoders are associated with
(all) QUIX 3D & 4D TRIPELLO “analogue” systems.

And, as we’ve developed an idea that required a “theory” – we “ADOPTED ONE”;
In as much as it relates to, & within, QUIX-3D & 4D “TRIPELLO” AUDIO SYSTEMS.

Thus – We have “coined” this one (as our theory) – it’s the:

Quantum_Chaos_QUIX_Theory … the “QC.QT”
(Or: as mentioned above … KewC_CuTie … )

This involved deep research & development in SURROUND_SOUND acoustics
(mainly in areas NOT so deeply researched – nor even “dreampt_of” – by others)

I have “personally” over the past 43x ODD years (& especially since 2003) found:
That there exists a phenomenal number – some 64.77x Million Audio Channels.
& self proven via “HARD GRAFT” manual theorem proving
(unlike modern “computor.assisted” Automated theorem proving)
Much the same as a (natural) Bee’s Honeycomb is built …

Incredibly …
All these are jumbled_up within the entity – of any 2xCh “STEREO”.
And – more importantly:


Acousmatic music:
(As it relates to HOW ? do we “now_play” this ?)
Acousmatic music is a specialised sub-set of electroacoustic music.

We also research the following subspecialities of acoustics with & through:
the HELP OF the now readily available and reasonably accurate WIKIPEDIA

Archetectural Acoustics:
This is the “science” of controlling sound within buildings
(thus also contains methods of “releasing” audio compounds “outwards”)

The first application – was in the design of opera houses & concert halls.

Nowadays – this is more widely utilised – in the areas of “noise_suppression”.
Apparently – noise_suppression is critical in the design of multi-unit dwellings
& other premises that generate significant noise, including music venues & bars
which is all well &good, except when suppressed – most “CRANK_IT_UP” (?);

Design of recording and broadcasting studios, home theaters, and small rooms
for music players are studied by this branch of Acoustics – “Room Acoustics”.

ROOM ACOUSTICS describes HOW sound behaves – in an enclosed space
thus – can be broken into roughly FOUR different “sub_sciences” – or ZONES.

The 1st ZONE – is:
That ZONE – below the frequency that has a wavelength equating to twice
the longest length of the room. In this zone “sound” behaves in much the same
way as changes in static “air” pressure – (thus the use of SPL measurements)

The 2nd ZONE – is:
Above the 1st ZONE, until the frequency is approx. 11,250 (RT60/V)”1/2″ …
“wavelengths” are comparible to the dimensions of the ROOM and thus
Room Reasonances dominate (often creating “compounding” reasonances)
similar to “electrical feedback” occuring between microphones & speakers.

The 3rd ZONE – is:
That region – occupied by approximately the NEXT 2x octaves to transition –

The 4th ZONE – which is:
That ZONE where sounds behave like rays of light bouncing around a room

IT IS IN THIS “ZONE” – that we here at QUIX, have delved “furthur” into
the cosmic mysteries & related effects of “ALL ENERGY FORMS”.

And – in doing discovered a 5th similar, yet different “sub_science” ZONE

they MUST also BEHAVE exactly similar – when subjected to those theories.
Eventually, it was this “knowledge”
(as given by way of a “long_forgotten” sign – when as a 12yr old –
the “manager” not only heard – but was able to “record” those sounds)
which thus formed the “basis” for
the latest “theoretically” possible QUIX_MEGA (a 325.13x Ch) System.

(This Manager is an Industrial Electrician).

We then looked_at the properties of LIGHT & how it functions differently (?)
when applied & or utilised in various forms and the “shadings” which result.

AND – as we “also” knew – SOUND – is just an audible ENERGY SOURCE;
thus SOUND must ‘behave’ in a similar fashion to both light & electricity;
yet have it’s OWN unique characterisations and produce resulting “effects”.

Also – (as this Manager’s bum discovered at a recording studio – in 1965)
a “microphone” is so sensitive it can HEAR a pin (or nail the boy dropped)
falling – at the “back” of a room; yet when the “recording” was replayed, the
explanation as given by the recording technician was entirely “unbelievable”
(by said bum’s Owner) – that ONE CAN NEVER PLAY all sounds recorded

RUBBISH – & I – the (bum’s) Owner – via QUIX, have spent 43x years discovering

(albietly haphazardly)
exactly where & how that recording had “just” disappeared.

Firstly – I KNEW that if it was “recorded” – then it MUST be somewhere
“hidden” deep inside, within & an intergral part of, that recording medium.
Secondly… how did it “get_hidden” way down inside there ????
Thirdly … how the H*** to get it – BACK_OUT_AGAIN ……..
( there came to “stick” in ones mind – everything occurs in threes )

There are THREE things needed to understand “where” the sound WAS …

There are THREE primary “energy” sources:
& Sound.

THREE primary elements of Electricity – are required to create rotation;
THREE primary elements of Light – are required to Re-create WHITE light.
by utilising the THREE same “light” elements – produce BLACK ???
(when used on PAPER via crayons – thereby white light is ABSORBED)

Something inherantly “different” in HOW sound “works” – can create the:
ILLUSION – that certain “SOUNDS” have disappeared… (from hearing).

It is this realisation – that caused DOLBY and others – to insinuate
that they needed to “SIMULATE” the relevant “Sound_Fields” in their:


Why ???
Because they didn’t FIND – exactly where that “sound” disappeared.

QUIX, or more precisely, “myself” (the MANAGER) did find – away back in 1965″.

Unfortunately – (during the late 60’s early 70’s)
I didn’t have either the “funding” nor parental support, to expound these theories:
beyond creating a simple (multiple) surround system
for MY own personal usage – when “bashing” on through difficult teen years,
then after many years of recession into alcohol, women, & family.ties
(& ONLY SINCE LEAVING those things behind… in 2002) …
Have made massive inroads – into not ONLY finding BETTER methods
to “extract” those ACTUAL TRUE sounds – but also “calculated”
their “true” entirety – based upon (knowledges of) properties of ALL
Electromechanical forces, Magnetism, & especially important –
the many diverse “multitude” properties – of WHITE_LIGHT.

In fact:
We at QUIX – now look at the “WHOLE” electromagnetic spectrum.

It is this KNOWLEDGE of mine – gained over 4syrs
Which allows us at QUIX – to:
rapidly expand OUR range of “MULTIPE_CHANNEL” DEPLEXER’s
well beyond (EQUIVALENT DOLBY SIMULATED) 5, 7 & 9 channels,
& now passing 25x Ch. (prototype testing a measily TWENTYFIVE)
which equates to a:
325.13x Ch. “Total_Sound_Ball” 4D_Surround_Sound_System.

These Deplexer (Muldex) units convert (un_mix) old 2x Ch stereos into
& commonly installed by QUIX:
6.3x, 9.3x 10.4x Chls (and beyond)
& maybe someday:
even into a possible (mind altering) 64.77x “MILLION” virtual_channels.

More widely – Acoustic Science – is dealing with “noise_suppression”,
in multi_unit dwellings & business premises which routinely generate
significant “noise” – including music venues like bars & night_clubs.

Even the more mundane of workplaces has implications for “noise”
related health effects caused by various interferences (noises)

QUIX believe some are reducable – via music system re_balancing.

Eh – what’s this “TALK” of RE_BALANCING … ???

Yes – here at QUIX – we believe significant Health risks – may be
directly attributable to “unbalanced” sound systems – which in effect
are causing human brains – too_much strain to “disect_&_re-create”;
whereas – re.introducing those hidden recordings – allow the “brain”
to simply LISTEN – and also – at significantly “LOWER VOLUMES”.

Thus protecting the “hearing” of intended recipients, whilst ALSO reducing
the “overall” radiated ambience of acoustics & it’s “NOISE” nuances.


You have “now” discovered relevant info. about this, as well about
something (?)
Which may well be a NEW “mathematical_theory”
Which is our:

Quantum Chaos QUIX (3D & 4D) Theorum.
& thus nicknamed the:- “Qc.Qt” ( … KewC_CuTie … )

This relates to, & within, QUIX-3D & 4D “TRIPELLO” AUDIO SYSTEMS …
(as referenced herein)


Are extremely special:
(No-One else “makes” ANY system – as extensive as this one)

Our QUIX “Deplexer_Decoders” are:
“After_Market” plug_&_play (ANALOGUE) Stereo_Plus “Add_Ons”.

& they “accurately” Decode_”True”_Surround_3D Audio:
some are even designed to include the 4th “dimension” (floating – mid-room):
via the “TRUE_CENTRE WHITE.NOISE” channel.

And are either “directly” connected into,
or “driven_from”, Any.Brand./Make of existing 2x Ch.Stereo_System;
thus you “utilise” ALL your (pre.existing) working stereo equipment.

These can ALSO be used with just about “ALL” of the numerous –
ANY BRAND – Stereo_Audio Equipment … (ever “produced”).

We are ONLY saying “just” – as a precaution; as we haven’t yet come
across any of the NoN-Connectables, if they EVEN exist?
(although a few AMPLIFIERS with “floating_earths” require use of extra components)

Even if we must first open up your Amp’s “casings” –
to get to the working_innards of your system …
where the “L/R speakers” are an intergral_component of your music player,
these can NOW become part of Ur “upgraded” multi_channel system.
(But: most Amps have a Std 3.5mm or 1/4″ Headphone_Output anyway).

Which thus “means” – NOT_JUST – your basic House_Systems …

But “OTHERS” such as in:
Workshop_Sounds / Vehicles / Lap_Tops; &/or Std_Computors;
as well as with almost ALL of your “Portables”;
Be they:
Radio/ Tape/ Vinyl/ CD/ VCR &/or DVD “based” (Stereo) Musical_Systems

“All” – can (NOW) be made convertable..

QUIX decoders are excellent for Computor_Users & / or for (ALL):
Audio_Video “GAMERS” …

As they simply utilise the STD. 2xCh. Stereo outputs – via cables
from the 3.5mm (&/or RCA type A/V) output sockets – of PC’s & other
stereo computor_type_units running Mac, Linus, & Windows etc.;

Thus into …
ALL of your gaming platforms:
Sega (Mega, Saturn & Dreamcast),
Playstation 1-2 & 3,
etc., etc., etc…;

These are now open to the FULL DYNAMICS of pure:

“audiophyle heaven” …

In fact “ANYTHING” with stereo …
be that RCA_LINE; Headphone, &/or general Speaker outputs.

Quix Decoders – turn your existing stereo equipment into:


All for a fraction of the “cost” of replacing
your entire EXISTING RANGE of “equipment”.

Most Importantly:


Nor is there a “need” to breach International Copyright Laws.
(by “copying” your collections to Computors, CD’s, MP3’s etc.)


QUIX 3D & 4D “TRIPELLO” decoders:

Are extremely ideal for converting
MOST “Commercial” systems … at a minimal cost …
Thus several Hotel/ Tavern & Commercial_Premises have already “converted”.

When using modern i-Pod shuffles, cellular phones & other portable_players …
(especially where your battery_equipment is “often” under_powered) …
We recommend that you consider the addition of:
several “amplified_Speakers” (driven off the back of our decoders);
as although these are not required when extremely “low_power” speakers are used,
We find that “small” LOW.POWERED units nearly always require:
Additional AUX.AMPS – for “VOLUME” (especially on extended playing times).

as these are (all) STEREO’S …
They are “ALSO” – easily decoded …
& when used with those extra amplifier units
Are also “transformed”into:

FULL “Multiple_Channeled” 3D & 4D SURROUND_SYSTEMS.

(maybe up to the larger 25x, although normally 6x Chl’s will suffice)

Most i-Pods & other MP3 players – tend to “lose” both top & bottom frequencies …

Resulting in “low_quality_sounds” when music is de-compressed from your MP3 format “PLAYER”.

Thus we would recommend you to be using:
A higher BIT_RATE ??? or:
STD.CD players, Walkman type Compact_Cassette_Tape players
& or Stereo FM Radios, as well as those older [Vinyl] LP players etc.


<<<<< IT’S ARRIVED >>>>>

….. (well almost) …..

The “QUIX_MEGA” ( QUIX-4D_325.13x “TDSS” )

A “small” 325.13x Ch. “Virtual_System”.
(Derived From) 25x Mains with 13x PURE “subwoofer” channels.

(..see the MAIN picture..)
This IS_STILL – undergoing trialing & testing …
But we believe we “may” have finally “CRACKED_IT” … ???

(True FULL SPECTRUM 4D Surround_Sound that is ???)

This (over_the_top) awesome Total_Effect “SYSTEM” has:

25x. (Twenty_Five_Different) PURE Audio_Channels.

(& back to 1st.RED)

Plus: the (CENTRAL_COMBINED) 25th “CENTRE_WHITE” channel.

“ALL_COUNTED” = 25x PURE Channels of “Surround” ANALOGUE Audio.

Remember though:
YOU must THEN also try (to get your head around)
the need to factor_in the “multitude” of now discovered:
“VIRTUAL” channels
(being 300x !!! in all)
Which are “individually_found” FLOATING between “any 2x” of these 25x PURE channels.

Which effectively “makes” this a monsterous MEGA system as:

The “QUIX_MEGA” ( QUIX-4D_325.13x “TDSS” )

A “Three.Hundred & Twenty.Five Channeled” MEGA_TDSS “sound_ball” system;
(with a “Sub.Woofer” on ALL of the Thirteen.Main.Channels –

As can be determined by reference to the:
Quantum Chaos in QUIX Theory (of 3D & 4D “TRIPELLO” AUDIO systems)

Audio “expands” exponentially – in all directions –
similar in construction, as to a Bee’s Honeycomb.

We believe it IS – the ONLY Total_Surround “Sound_Ball_Effect” System.

If you CAN find a building big enough to house_it ?
(Plus enough amps, cables and speakers etc.)
We’re sure you’ll believe us too!

As – with all the other QUIX-3D “TRIPELLO” (Systems) – it too is:

SOURCED from ANY standard ANALOGUE two_track recording medium
(including legandary_quality – “Genuine_Collectors” vinyl – 33’s & 45’s)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We shall “keep_you_posted” on developments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ooops …
Still having a few teething & other technical set-up problems here;

We haven’t YET found a BIG auditorium in which to TEST this theory (correctly).

Also – when “commercial” – will COST around $1x to $2x “MILLION” (just for the “decoder” system);
& shall “REQUIRE” an indoor/outdoor area of approximately 50x Hectares
(approx: 125 Acres); plus need ALL nescessary “Building & Resource Consents” …
for all Twenty.Five speaker_enclosure_structures.
(In order to “house” those speaker combination units).

In other words … not for the faint of heart – or “general_punter”.

Our “next” project – a 6x.Ch Surround_Helmet …
(for “Cyber_Cafe” Gamers) has progressed more quickly –
with the conversion of an old M/C helmet (as a rough prototype);
and initial testing has shown the full potentials for this to be rather amazing.
It also has a few teething & helmet weight prob’s to overcome ??
(but should see the light of your “PC Screens” … in the not.too.distant future)

Another project to “hit” the theory stages:
Is our revolutionary Headphone Adaptor Decoder …
(although We’ve found this works exceedingly well – on ALL stereo systems)

& should hopefully allow the use of “cheap” headphones / earbuds
to be converted into full 3D_SURROUND (imaging) effects …
(with full range adjustability),

By feeding signals from any basic stereo headphone output socket …
into these units:

This will then allow “ranging” anywhere from FULL_FRONTAL “flat” mono …
out to “NORMAL” (sorry – “normally” accepted as) stereo …
all the way around past (true) wide_mode_stereo …
on past “spacially.echoed” auditorium effects …
and even furthur onwards to that way, way, backstage …
(“DOLBY” now call this ?TWO? – when splitting ONE across their TWO rear speakers)

Thus QUIX shall allow continual adjustability where different “sounds”:
are to be played in various “externaly” loud environments – whilst retaining
FULL SPACIAL SURROUND SOUND (to be heard by individual “users”).

This can be especially important where two or more GAME players are battling
against each other at home, or maybe in the (www &) cyber cafe` environment.

Also in consideration – is another system …
But we’re Not sure what we’ll call this yet:
Maybe we shall caption this one as the:

QUIX “Mono to Stereo” Re-Coder.
(as we have found this WORKS well – on “mono” sounds)

Which “actively mixes” two decoders – working in tandem,
overlaying BOTH wide_modes – back into the opposing tracks
thus attempting to create a “sonic_revolving_stage” effect;
as you “REPLAY” your records.
(from older 2x Track tunes … 1950’s “stereo” Rock & Roll etc)



Here at QUIX we “search” CONTINUALLY
even beyond the realms of (known) feasibility,





Knows NO boundaries.


Is to “discover_everything”.

At QUIX we know that settling for “ANY” solution is just that: Settling.

Simply put, anything that does not provide more sustainable usability,
user_friendliness, & compatibility with pre-existing products you may “own”;
thus allowing freedom of choices – not ONLY in BRANDS …
but of product styles, from basic agricultural themes …
through to highest fidelity audio, thus allowing unfetered passion, greatly
improved performance or to simply vastly enhance the user experience –
does not belong in, or within, any


Only through an ETERNAL process of constant challenge & discovery,
such as what we have thus far found within the:



WHERE ELSE can these “infinite_possibilties” allow real change to occur,
(unless they too – have READ “Ayn Rand’s phylosophy of “Objectivism”)

The “incredibly limited” results QUIX have thus far ALREADY discovered:
… SOUND AWESOME … & thus speak VOLUMES for themselves (excuse the pun).

If you wish to become informed – upon:
WHAT WE (here at QUIX may, or may not) HAVE DISCOVERED THIS FAR …

Then “READ_ON” …

At present:
The largest SDSS “decoder” system, currently produced in any quantity (by us) is OUR:
(“Nine”) 9.3x channel “enneagon.ophonic” ADD-ON DEPLEXER

Simply use “another” decoder to give an “aux.powered” 1.1x woofer_unit
the “mysterious_centre_floating” WHITE.CH – to create a total_effects 10.4x system.
(Which incidentally – is the 1st of the DDSS systems)

These “enneagon.ophonic” DEPLEXERS have:

“ALL” 9x Channels which can directly drive nine “matched” SPEAKERS
(which customer supplies) – even from just the first one, two or more …
until ALL speakers are “added” …
(at any stage/ time/ to increase the channels up to all nine).

If each of the 3x main.subs have TWIN speakers which are “parallel_hi_passed” –
this gains greater BASE_DEPTH to be obtained –
thus 12x speakers can EASILY be “driven_from_your_stereo_amp”
when used in these “BALANCED” 9.3x channel “enneagon.ophonic” systems.

And as such – these are effectively “completely_seperate” & “Individual.Channels” …
in FULL-3D (&4D in 10.4x) “true_surround” 360.deg FORMAT …
& appear able to “uplift” any 2Ch audio output – not only up_to:
the original recording studio’s own ambience & sonic levels …

This basically consists of allowing the ability of any (big) Amp:
to DRIVE 1, 2 or 3x MAIN.SUBS in singles or “combinations”
(even use dual_triple cross_over STACKED_SPEAKER_ARRAYS – TO GAIN “ALL_PASS” Ch’s.)

These then interface with the remaining 6x MAIN Channels.

This provides 6x. Equi_Distant Surround_Positioned (INDIVIDUAL CHANNEL)
Ceiling/ wall or Floor channels – and three floor SEMI_SUB / MAINS … etc.

Thus “enveloping the listener” …
inside a TRUE nine (or 10x) channel – SOUND_BALL “effect”.

Whereas the 12x.Channel (12.3/6) decoders:
can “actually_run” an EXTRA intermediary three “SEMI_SUBS”
(which are positioned between the three Main / Sub.units
equi-distant around the room – & can even be directly Underneath –
or partway along the walls under Ceiling mounted main channel positions)

Thus effectively giving 6x Sub_Channels – PLUS 12x Mains.

From there a “simple addition” of a 1.1x Ch medium powered Multimedia unit
(via another_type of “TRIPELLO” decoder),
Suddenly – quickly gives 13.7x TOTAL Channels.

And – if you really do want to blow the cobwebs away –
MULTI_PASS ALL CHANNELS – for a whopping 13.13x system.

The 13th “BEING”:

Thus: #13 MAY be unlucky for some, (But: it’s “definitely” Lucky.4.Us )

We “would like” to include the provisional prototype release (2008) addition:
except we are still having those inevitable “niggling” teething troubles …

It looks likely to become more than a moderately difficult:
25x.Channel sound.ball Surround_System Decoder …???

BUT YES (maybe) ???
We’re still hopefull it is “feasible” …

TWENTYFIVE individual & SEPARATE “audio_channels”.

The commonly_accepted “split side” (& virtualy the same) “FRONT to REAR”
2.1x … 4.1x … 5.1x … & 7.1x … etc., systems of the BIG NAME BRANDS;
WHOM tell you (accurately) that:
Complete_With – a singular (FRONT_MIX) L_R “MONO” sub.

NOTE:- the use of the word “SIMULATED” … ???

These are “simulated” as they CANNOT_MATCH …
the TRUE 3D_DECODED authentic_surround of:


The FULL_VOICED “decagon.ophonic” 10.4xCh.
(with FOUR “independant” Subwoofer Channels),
& the (Largest to date) 13.7xCh. with SEVEN “independant”
Subwoofer Channels.

This is something even your own (lowly) 2.Ch Amp. could handle
(via an amazing 20xPlus Speakers).

ALL of the QUIX-3D “TRIPELLO” range of decoders:
Are “analogue_based” Surround-Sound systems.

Which also means:


This is not the (digital) off/on switching of (standard & basic)

But the truer gracefulness of sinosidual wave_forms –
resulting in “sweetly pure” sounds (WITH NO switching “GAPS”)


In the “Office” (being the LOUNGE_TEST.AREA):
We currently “run” 9.3x TRUE Ch’s

( that’s a measley 45.3x in total with VIRTUALS included )

These are obtained through the following:

12x “?almost.matched.impedance?” (2way.cross_over) Speaker.sets;

PLUS a 40watt “POWERED” (centre) MONO 1.1 Multimedia unit;

& TWO_EXTRA mid.range “SUBS”
(on two other DIFFERENT semi.sub channels):

via two of our DECODER’s which are DIRECTLY connected behind:
an “OLD” SHARP CD-S370 “Stereo” intergrated amplifier.

(which is in itself) being “FED”:

a/- Directly from it’s “on_board” CD, TAPE & TUNER functions …

b/- As well as from any of:
these (additional) switched aux sources:
2/- a portable CD player,
3/- the Internet,
(using a cable from the 3.5mm line_output socket, of a “lowly” Dell 3100 PC),
4/- the Stereo TV
(via headphone socket),
5/- a VCR/TV Tuner,
6/- & an older “stereo” OPTONICA dual high.speed.dubbing cassette.tape unit …

(for old 33/45rpm records – which NOW – “play_awesomely”)

(& finally …)
8/- with another “floating” audio input 3.5mm cable_plug …

For temporary_attachment to client’s “walk_in_off_the_street” equipment …
(such things as i_Pods, Cellphones, Portable_players, Laptops etc.)

Then on across to the SHARP’s (1x) Aux RCA input (grunted up a little) …
then out FIRST through a QUIX-3D “TRIPELLO” multi.decoder
& into another special “tri_channel” extra decoder (of ours) …

& thus into NINE channels of pure “soundz”

These of course … are:
BLENDING GRACEFULLY with all the harmonising intermediary channels.

There – 36x “VIRTUALS” are floating IN.THE.AIR between those
(“creating a mere” 45.3x “VIRTUAL” comprehensive system).

In between all the EIGHT Aux.Sources & the 1x Aux input of:
that SHARP CD-S370 – we have (MANAGED) all these aux switchings;
by running through our_own_designed “multi.selectable” (individually.intergrated):

8x Channel “A +/- V” DUAL_SELECTOR switch_box.

whilst (independantly) watching ANY VIDEO SOURCE.
(also very useful when waiting on adverts to pass
or previewing TV – before the 6 o’clock news).

Whilst immersed in the midst of “LISTENING” to Straus …
tenderly plucking notes from an orchestra !

“simply eloquent”

(we even recently “bi_ran” two semi_independant systems –
from the same “source” – to obtain a massive 16.7x Ch system)

********* IMPORTANT NOTICE *********

The 10x.Ch “decagon.ophonic” is more “subtle” …
(than the basic “enneagon.ophonic”)
with it’s TOTAL 360deg sound_ball_effects …
& even more noticable compared to “any” standard SIMULATED 5.1 unit
currently On-The-Market
(that “most” audiophyles are being told – as being the BEST ???).

(… as seen in the graphics.picture included …)
COUNT THEM – 9x main channels give:
a total combination of 45x SIMULATED_SHADINGS;
(along with the 10th PURE.WHITE.CENTRE)
Yet – All are as “floaters” in & around your room.
But who’s counting – as these increase exponentially (even in_between themselves)

ALL DECODERS can “run” phase.shifting.cross.over Combinations for:
Split_Phased SOUND.BALL “Set_Ups”.
(That is)
if you want to “increase” the bass
or treble & midranges with extra speaker sets.

a three way phase shifter crossover –
gives you 27x main.channels around the outside –
AND a true centre triple channel – that’s 30x so far –

Then start (exponentially) adding all the “virtual” intermediary floater channels –
which occur between all two speaker combinations …
(suddenly – you are NOW well “UP” into the hundreds of channels ???)

(especially for those – driving up to the massively planned 25x Ch. system)
are subject to a 50% Deposit – on PLACEMENT_OF_ORDER;
& also have a shorter CANCELLATION/REFUND_PERIOD.

(P.O.A – for all systems)


Thus (when testing has been completed) the making of:

1/- 12.5x.Channel (dodecagon.ophonic);

2/- 13.6x or beyond (whatever they are “called” ???);

3/- & now the “MEGA” 25x.Channels (currently STILL in mathematical formula ONLY);

These should “logically” now … BECOME … within easy reach of the general public’s “finances”.

All (smaller & cheaper) MULTIPLE systems are currently being made,
“sold” & installed, as and when definitive orders are placed.

Want to have a “listen first” – ???
(we never attempt to sell – UNLESS YOU DO)

Contact us for a DEMO to “listen” for FREE …

FREE to listen without buying equipment that is … As:

If you answer Yes to the Question: “Outside Otago /Southland (NZ)” ?

Then YOU MUST be prepared to Pre_Pay “Transport Charges” to QUIX

(Note /// …)
Now that Fuel & “Related” Vehicle_Costs have become “SO_HIGH”;
We are required to “ask”, and identify, these stipulations
PRIOR to your request being accepted.

We cannot be “expected” (as a small Company) to “simply”:
FLY our oft-times HEAVY equipment – anywhere in the world …

To amuse, or as an amusement, for that someone whom may say …

Oh sorry.
We (since) changed our minds, or “deliberately” state:
No. no, it wasn’t us who called.
(some have done “DELIBERATELY”, but others simply forget)
But Remember..
We’re able to “Later_Check”

If however – you are so “overwhelmed” with the QUIX system;
(& gota_hav_now)
We can “” that unit – if suitable
We will undertake to manufacture a special_design on arrangement with you:
On a pre_paid “purchase_to_order” basis.

Rest assured:
Any Demo_Display “Extended_Travel_Cost” will be partially, &/or fully compensated for,
depending on the equipment purchased from QUIX, & whether or not any “ancillary work”,
installation, extra amplifiers, speakers etc is required to be supplied,
(as required by you, either initially on_site, or as a come_back INSTALL).

ie …
If we’re “contracted” to change a Commercial Premises in say:
Northern_Canterbury NZ,
which would require several “trips” back & forth – to access supplies etc.,
then Transport charges shall be “decreased” on a pro_rata per trip basis
(even down to bare “FUEL” cost in some cases).

If – on the other hand – it is to supply – say ONE rural family somewhere:
Say … outback Australia or Texas – USA;
then we are very sorry
as: the “Best_Business_Practice_Short_Answer” should be:
A resounding …………. NO.!

However – in saying this – we are NOT averse to the following arrangements:

If say Fifty (50) such “Families” – (between them) pre-arrange the following:

a/- To “collect” suitable Source, Amplifier & TOTAL speakers required etc;
b/- Arrange & pay_for a suitable venue for the “demonstration”
(add a PUBLIC “door_charge” even – to recover some of your costs)
c/- Pre_Pay – all Air & Land transport – to & from that venue – for QUIX …
d/- Then we’ll arrive with a selection of our decoders (to satisfy Customs)
“insert_them” into the provided systems & Give_You Ur “DEMO”.

Then – if required … it shall be a simple matter (as we are ALREADY on_site):
for QUIX to arrange LOCAL _MANUFACTURE (of any QUANTITIES of decoders),

Thus removing the “hassles” of making products in NZ, then shipping O/seas.
(Through those afore mentioned “Customs” procedures)

Which thus saves you on Shipping & Customs Duties, fees, Time_Delays etc;
& also allows QUIX – to assist with these installs, or modify if required …
if sufficient “interest” and “after_sales” are thus generated …
QUIX may, (at our “sole_discretion”):
even GIFT (those involved) either a small royalty … on:
Any “ongoing” product MANUFACTURE & SALES that ensue in your country.
Simply GIFT an entire system – to those whom did the “organising”.

Even better … QUIX-3D “TRIPELLO” decoder_systems can be made to either:

When connected through your system’s NORMAL 2x Ch. Speaker_Output Terminals
(utilising, &/or obtaining “line_power” – from many “older” ANY_BRAND amplifier’s);

Or be “REMOTELY_DRIVEN” … (louder):
By “connecting” into your Stereo’s (normal) “headphone_outputs” … which THEN:
allow FURTHUR amplification – via Individual (Aux) Multimedia Speaker Sets;
such as many of the cheaper & readily_available multi-media 2 & 2.1 units …
(which are usually provided as non-original equipment for Laptops, P.C’s, etc)
via aux “higher_powered” amplifiers.



As we believe that you, the customer, have the “right” to choose your own –
so long as they are “all” of the same general design,
roughly the same impedance,
and of sufficient quality to suit your needs.

Although we “can” source & supply, if requested …
(obviously – at an additional cost of course).



QUIX-3D can also “ANYWHERE”: custom-build our “TRIPELLO” decoders &
“Multi-Output” (Joint &/or Independantly Selectable) A, V & 3D Switch-Boxes
(these can be “internally_fitted” with “TRIPELLO” 3D-Decoders – if also desired).
(also note.. “ANYWHERE” – means manufacture “anywhere” – IN THE WORLD)


Now “watch” one thing – & “Listen” to something completely DIFFERENT
(especially good if you “watch” the GAME – whilst the kids “PLAY” their music).


For your Audio Enquiries:

Either Telephone as above
Or email
(quotes & demonstrations available)

click email_us and put
into the subject line



We are the PATENT_OWNER of:
The QUIX “Interlocking-Modular-Hinge-System”
( NZ.Pat. 330552; Aust. Pat 754678; & International Pat. Appl. PCTNZ99/00066 )

“Improvements in, and relating to a HINGE” (NZ Patent dated 1999).


Manufacturing Licences can be offered to “Suitable” – Engineering Companies…
(both from within NZ – as well as to “companies” in Australia)

All (genuine) Enquiries welcome …

click email_us and put
into the subject line

We also – (when time allows) Manufacture our other (smaller) QUIX ranges:
for holding drink_bottles/ tools_parts/ cellphone_wallet_keys & other items;
.. QUIX “special_one_off” spring_wire clips –
for Glass-House-Panels etc.,;
.. QUIX “Fencing/ Egg_Insulator” REMOVABLE-CLIPS;

as well as many other various/ special:
.. QUIX “One-Off-Product-Innovations” (whenever asked).

click email_us and put
into the subject line

We also “On-Sell” various:
… “BRANDED” Audio parts & equipment;
… Electrical & Plumbing supplies,
… other General “STOCK & PLANT”.

All “STOCK” (depending on availability) can be:
“Sold / Auctioned” through Specific_Orders & General_Listings
via ANY of our “SHOPPING” mediums:

Through our NEWEST “site”:-
@ (APN’s):-

QUIX – (Hinge Services Central Limited)

Specific Terms Of Trade – are to comply with APN’s – “Site_Rules”:-
(available by searching – “Sella, Finda, or Wises” webpages)

Or – if “auctions” are your “THING”???
Then maybe – (if we remember to “post”)

Through another “site”:-

@ Trademe:-

“note” …
Specific Terms Of Trade – apply with their “Site_Rules”:

The TradeMe site (SELDOM USED):
Is ONLY for … New Zealand & Australian TRADEME … “members”.
(& all “sales” are via “Auction_Only” – posted to a NZ address)

So … what are you waiting for ???


BROWSE Trademe or sellmefree
(if an auction is posted)

&/or MAKE YOUR REQUEST NOW (through here) at:

(Are you):
Seeking specific personel ?
Then click the (dating site) “link” as shown

and include “findsomeone@quix” (in the subject line)


ONLY MEMBERS can login & Email/message me…

From within the NZ TRADEME “personals” site?


Want to “pre.check” to ensure QUIX – NZ (is genuinely – in NZ)

Cut & Paste the 100percent_NZ Validation Link below″target=”blank   

& If you still crave further “general” info
(and photos) … Then:-

WEBsearch these:-

In fact – even a search via:
“4D Surround Sound – NZ”
… will bring results NOW.

Plus this will also ellicit a “good_hit” via GOOGLE:
… Bob’s ur uncle, Trev’s ur friend & Willy doesn’t know …


All this pre-supposes that mankind shall exist forever
Maybe (maybe not):

As – by the time – you have completed reading this these …
“Too Late” for all of us – here on “EARTH” my friend …

We may simply have “ceased” to exist … thanks to something called “(LHC)”.

The Following “information” was “obtained” direct from [cut&pasting]


A massive science experiment – deep underground France,
(crossing the French Swiss border at least four times…).

Nostra_Damus was RIGHT …
Nostra predictions END 2015.
(NO REFERENCE extends beyond that date)

Well gee – Maybe “Nostra” – only saw a “BIG BLACK HOLE” – in 2015 ??????
(without realising these ACTUALLY EXIST)
& may EVEN start with a miniscule_black_hole_ partical
(that a certain LHC “accidentally” makes in, or after, June 2008)

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle accelerator located at CERN,
near Geneva, Switzerland. It lies in a tunnel under France and Switzerland.

The collider is contained in a circular tunnel;
with a circumference of 27 kilometres (17 miles)
at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 metres underground.
The tunnel, constructed between 1983 and 1988,
was formerly used to house the LEP, an electron-positron collider.

Nostra Fan’s … deep enough for a wee black hole – to EAT our world
(from within)

The 3.8 metre diameter, concrete-lined tunnel crosses the border between:
Switzerland and France – at four points,
although the majority of its length is inside France.
The collider itself is underground,
with surface buildings holding ancillary equipment such as compressors,
ventilation equipment, control electronics and refrigeration plants.

The collider tunnel contains two pipes, each pipe containing a beam.
The two beams travel in opposite directions around the ring.
1232 dipole magnets keep the beams on their circular path,
while additional 392 quadrupole magnets are used to keep the beams focused,
in order to maximize the chances of interaction between the particles
in the four intersection points, where the two beams will cross.
In total, over 1600 superconducting magnets are installed,
with most weighing over 27 tonnes.
96 tonnes of liquid helium is needed to keep the magnets
at the operating temperature … of -2 kelvin.

( Like: does a “BLACK_HOLE” & “how.cold” is OUTER SPACE.?)

The protons will each have an energy of 7 TeV, giving a total collision
energy of 14 TeV. It will take less than 90 microseconds for an
individual proton to travel once around the collider.
Rather than continuous beams, the protons will be “bunched” together,
into 2,808 bunches, so that interactions between the two beams
will take place at discrete intervals never shorter than 25 ns apart.
When the collider is first commissioned, it will be operated
with fewer bunches, to give a bunch crossing interval of 75 ns.
The number of bunches will later be increased to give
a final bunch crossing interval of 25 ns.

The LHC is in the final stages of construction, and commissioning,
with some sections already being cooled down to their
final operating temperature of ~2K. The first beams are due
for injection mid June 2008 with the first collisions planned
to take place 2 months later. The LHC will become the world’s
largest and highest-energy particle accelerator.
The LHC is being funded and built in collaboration with over
two thousand physicists from thirty-four countries as well as
hundreds of universities and laboratories.

When activated, it is theorized that the collider will produce the elusive
Higgs boson, the observation of which could confirm the predictions
and “missing links” in the Standard Model of physics and could explain
how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass.
The verification of the existence of the Higgs boson would be a
significant step in the search for a Grand Unified Theory, which seeks
to unify three of the four known fundamental forces: electromagnetism,
the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force,
leaving out only gravity.
The Higgs boson may also help to explain why gravitation is so weak
compared to the other three forces. In addition to the Higgs boson,
other theorized novel particles that might be produced, and for which
searches are planned, include strangelets, micro black holes,
magnetic monopoles and supersymmetric particles.

When in operation, about seven thousand scientists from eighty
countries will have access to the LHC …

Thus Scientists may yet PROVE:
That they can at least – DESTROY OUR WORLD.

Better get your QUIX sound systems “NOW”

(THEN You too – can drown out their BIG BANG THEORY)

Music – keeping us “ALIVE” – everyday.




& thus “last_entry” here – ?

I keep plugging this as the ENTRY for:-

November 23, 2008 1:23 AM


Again –  now you KNOW a little about “ME”

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