TODAY – (?) I threw 90% of my music away

That’s correct… TODAY (Today – I threw away 90% of my MUSIC…)

(&)  Being how I’m as Perdantic & Perfectionistical as I am – ? (it HURTS) 

BUT… I threw away 90% of my music… for YOU…

So ? I hope U apprectiate this… As it’s the ONLY WAY…

 I can upload a 94.3Mb FULL_LENGTH “re_mastered” .wav file…?

That has HAD to be “CUT” to just around 10% content… in (Ur) MPeg_3 format?

This leaves “roughly” 10% content in MP3 – & thus comes to U now AS JUST (?) 7.5Mb

(& is – as far as I am concern – of barely sufficient quality – in “bare bones MP3 audio”)

AND is simply “THIS” … 

Just “an” EIGHTEEN minute QUAD DIRECTION “play” – 13 channel STEREO (4D) “Re-Master”…

(yes – I wrote it correct, & it’s simply in 2ch “lossy” MP3 format – to SHOW U – I can do this:… )

Demonstrating what I can “DO” – using just one of my (analogue) Deplexer_Decoder’s

When I’m “playing” with this:- Gnarles Barkley’s classic hit 2.48minute (Hit_Single)… 


I’ve renamed this DEMONSTRATOR… (an 18 minute EXTENDED “re_master”)… as:-

Gnarles Barkley’s amazing CRAZY n 13ch Analogue Surround Sound (I’m 1_2_3_z K_RAY_Z) & n 4D_2


4 thoughts on “TODAY – (?) I threw 90% of my music away

  1. Hi! Sorry that you threw away 90% of your music! That sounds like a lot of music to just toss out! I hope the reamining 10% is REALLY GOOD music that won’t bore you easily. Thanks for the comments, they were very thoughtful and appreciated. I didn’t really see the gift because my computer is stupid or I’m stupid and doing it wrong. hehe.

  2. @ralfyz_babiigurl – Ah thaz OK…Actualy “?” (truth be known) I still HAVE IT ALL .. I just tosed the other 90% in QUALITY -converting JUST this one song.. it’s just “done” that …By “re_sizing” my 94Mb .wav file – into the (very much) LOWER_BIT_RATE ..of (MP3) M.PEG-layer_3 order for me to enable this to upload here… (as a 7.5Mb clip).Oh – & the “gift”… It – is… (just) an 18 minute MULTI_CH twisting “Re_Master” .. in the audio section or (if easier) U can simply cut & paste this

  3. Time? @ ralfyz_babiigurl ?Um – to do this ? Why? was I supposed to keep a record (excuse the pun) of my “timeline”? Hahaha – of the 50 odd “different” versions of this ? Plus with NEARLY each done in an entirely “different” way?, (& / or with altered effects? etc… )Oh- I suppose 1-2 hours at most – each version… altough some about 1/2 an hour? Others- days possible?(Some) I’ll sit & PLAY between mixings & (with A LOT around 79 minutes LONG or thereabouts?)Wow – a couple of hours goes by “just_testing” these for melody, correct beats, etc… So yes… some days – I litteraly spent “DAYS” actually (puddlin around) – PERFECTING?Oh – and then ALSO – I must have “tossed_aside” at least twice as many as I’ve saved? (& as some may well say … erh – “I_stuft_some_up” -??? that would not be an exageration any eh)?So – about 2-3hrs on average.Cheers.

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