7.3(+1) QUIX™ TRIPELLO™ (3D) …..

SEVEN “main” upper channels, SEVEN “main” midrange speakers, SEVEN “main” BASS speakers
25 (assorted, various reactance) “wired, worked well & thus driven” speakers, in total.

Just a little under-powered (but totally balanced) in a 3 phased array of (my designed):
7.3(+1) QUIX™ TRIPELLO™ (3D) All_Around™ (analogue) surround sound system.

I wonder what would have “happened” – if I had put this 4D circuit in there = “instead” ?
Not just as a single aspect all frequency unit, but five way cross-overs on all 25 channels.

That’s 25 + 25 + (5 of) …..
Just a small number of ? “125 speakers” I would have needed “in there”(?).

25x Channel Positionings - Total_Surround_Sound

25x Channel Positionings – Total_Surround_Sound

Maybe some other time eh.?


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