Nuclear Dreams – by QUIX4U – Dec 2009

Wahoo- I’m free- yes I must be ALIVE,
Loud_Screams, from the one called CLIVE…

We who were many, now are so FEW,
We were chosen, and so were YOU…

Follow as we float, along this TRACK,
Looking forwards, as behind is BLACK…

Ahead are your dreams, with life ANEW,
Behind, just silence & the smell – AH_PHEW…

Wow- look at that rainbow- up in the SKY,
Freed from a body, your mind can now FLY….

Dreams are now real & reality is NEWBORN,
Ah- c’mon is not so bad, don’t be FORELORN…

No more will your clock, need to follow TIME,
Shadow_Dancing is fun, & it’s better than MIME…

So float over here, come play within ME,
Now we’re spirits, there’s no MYSTERY…

Yes were are dead, “bang” & we DIED,
Whatever existed … was instantly FRIED…

But it’s OK, & doesn’t matter “now”- you SEE,
Because NUCLEAR BOMB… set our souls FREE.


5 thoughts on “Nuclear Dreams – by QUIX4U – Dec 2009

  1. W…A…R – ! – .?. – ! – W…A…R{can I “push the button” boss}Oh I did love to see the interactionBetween (Teviot’s) … “Striker & Hunter”Same as in the 1978 = BATTLETRUCKYes the FILM- located on CLARE “farm”Away back in them THAR “distant hills”When beside Dip Creek in our OrchardThe powers that “BE” – built huge DOMEAnd “filmed” ON_LOCATION – my homeYes folks- & “AFTER THE OIL WARS” (uc)The village of CLEARWATER- 4U & THEEThen along came Striker “with a housetruck”& Squashed them_2- as He didn’t giva ????Willie – YOU can push the BIG BUTTON … “OK”Willie yelled NUCLEAR DREAMS & died that day…[quote]Yes were are dead, “bang” & we DIED,Whatever existed … was instantly FRIED…[unquote]….Read “my” Original Poem … in ALL it’s full GloryThen maybe U … will ALL “hear” the full STORY, December 19, 2009Nuclear Dreams – by QUIX4U I am Keith Clare (I’ve been here 6yrs & treated like s_#^)Have been perved upon with camera – (& have photo of it)Thus- “to” everyone- whom THINKS that they know betterI don’t GIVE a “deposit” (4 Ur “grass_roof_shed”- either)Note:- I am “not” ? A NEW ENTRANT- as some assume HEREIda Arnott (of Teviot Station) was Grandma’s SISTER …!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.The reason for this version is abundantly clearBut ONLY to the people- whom live around HERERecipients within delivery areas of- The Teviot BulletinPOSTED- so they can read also- whenever coming- IN(thus) – I have “already been there”, Yes & (re) done that 2& This is showing as a comment upon “original” poem- 4Ure:-Post a Comment  Add Link Add Link Edit HTML  Say it with Minis! (?) javascript:selectMini(miniId);Profile Pic:  Default… Submitting…Done…Back to TRIPELLO’s Xanga Site!  Note: your comment will appear in TRIPELLO’s local time zone: Xanga Time is GMT -05:00 (Eastern Standard – US, Canada) 

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