What’s your favorite mathematical equation?

I also (frequently) ASK myself that “torturous” … QUESTION…?

The one – I answered for myself – (in mid 1965).

And still – after “over” 45 years…

IT – is STILL my favourite question…

How many channels are there ?

In ANY “one” (RAW) two_channel STEREO Audio Recording

At first – this “appeared” to be JUST three… (3)

Until I “found” MORE.

Soon it was six, quickly followed by seven – then came NINE & TEN …

(see this video of mine …)


Thirteen “channels” …came (& went) – just as quickly – as did twenty five (YES_ 25)?

& Still –
I asked myself the question?


I finally GOT my answer – ?

by simply “SITTING DOWN” for a very long time & doing the sums…


64.77+ Million “separate” audio channels.

There are OVER “sixty four” MILLION “separate” analogue audio channels…

Yes- DEEP INSIDE (& thus “in”) ANY_RAW “STEREO” –

(& Thus- so too- inside Ur 2ch i-Pod’s)




Here’s a (really, really “good”) Q.? U’ll be asking of youself

AFTER clicking on the video “linked” (to & through) this picture.


I just answered this Featured Question; you can answer it too!

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