What’s a CHERRY (?) And what does it “do” .?.

Ok .. YOU have a choice … “ladies” (and gents)

Go over onto youtube …


U will get “Lost” – over on youtube

And “Convoy” (the full length single 1978 movie)

??? and .. and .. “BATTLETRUCK” .. and .. and ???

(& thousands of “other” great movies .. and songs too)


NEW: … ((( UPDATE))) 05/Sept/2011 …


Movies.! M-O-V-I-E-S..?

Oh do U mean OLD recorded “Live shows” _ like.?

The Sound of Music (FILM’s back in ’65);

Or do you mean TRANSFORMATIVENESS (maybe) ?

The _ultra.recent_ 1’s like.? (that 1 above)..:

“What’s A Cherry & What does IT DO .?

(a multiplex “satirical_parody” video)

That’s NOT_YET in an Complex Audial_Visual SLIDESHOW “somewhere”.!


{that hasn’t EVEN_BEEN_MADE ?yet? “at_all”}


A “song” that’s been whizzing around inside (THIS_NUT) “a”

That my brain has been singing to me — ?

(ever since before we ran CIRCLE_DISCO – in Alexandra .. in the 70’s)


All “done” MAYBE sometime.soon !…! (but not yet eh.?)

Inside a “Multi_complex” (Audible_visual) …

… (analogue_re_mastered) …


By utilising (ONLY) the creative genius of my 1965 (Deplexer_Decoder) “Invention”

Do thus “re_master” it into an ULTRA_LONG (Super_Duper) “mega_length”

… DISCO 4EVA (visual_audio_version) …


Only “possible” via & thus “by_way” of: MY 1965 “INVENTION”

Video’s of “this” &  ?
Video’s of “that” & ..


So ?
Lets just call it L84DNR ?

2 thoughts on “What’s a CHERRY (?) And what does it “do” .?.

  1. Anyone whom places objectionable material in these comments boxes ..??? Will get not only that comment blocked & deleted ..!BUT .. They “too” – will also get both blocked & reportedSuch as what “just” happened to (ab)user @cheapedhardy Whom had just posted a completely OFF target blurb of:DELIBERATE ADVERTISING SPAM As an inapropriate “comment” (on this weblog entry).It has thus been deleted (and reported)Plus:The (ab)user has also been blocked (& reported).

  2. Oh & p.s..HAVE A GOOD THINK .. About the way in which the “song” plays — ((( inside the video )))Yep — that’s correct.!It “plays” .. not just in a “wide_mode” stereophonic version-With MOST of the instrumentals .. on the LH side(And thus — it has the vocals .. on the RH side)But.?It “plays” a totally reversed song..Fully? …<<< …sdrawkcaBAt the exact same time .. Plus..???The sdrawkcaB version ./..Has it’s instrumentals .. “playing” in reverse .. on the RH sideWith all of the sdrawkcaB “vocals” thus played.?On the other  (LH) side – & thus — these TOO – are in reverse.And then — it all goes “kind-of” -???Um – loopy .. & thus really QUEER !!!(As the vocals can’t decide .. on which SIDE — they want to “play” on)Hence the (tongue in cheek’y) “title”.

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