Friends.. Just how MANY types “are” we?

Whilst perusing around here – on xanga.. I have come across many enjoyable -blog’s-

& this is one of them…

Two types of irresponsible people | onlyjustbegun’s Xanga Site – Weblog

So – I popped a totally_irresponsible audio “re-smasher” in here as well…

Ahaha… silly me…

(I 4got to upload “IT” ? Did that b4 & will [likely] do IT ? again)

It “uploaded” somewhere?  as…

5D-sp’a’cial_overmix = Legs (RHS)- Crazy (LHS) & ‘Go-Heavy-Go’ (CENTRE) + all 3 in stereo.wav

(But I’m dam’ed if I know where it [actually] WENT though?)



It went… into my OWN audio collection?

Same as this “blog_entry” … well ? that’s silly?

(isn’t it?) As the two are NOW separated…

When I (was trying to) “put” IT in HERE – for this blog…

3 thoughts on “Friends.. Just how MANY types “are” we?

  1. Many moons ago – in 1997 … when a “SINGLE_DAD”.
    (& “half” – the life_time – of my son to be precise)
    I wrote a small article – on this “Friendships” theme.
    & just 2 weeks later-?
    My son (amazingly) asked permission – to recite this at school.
    (Little did I know) 
    He actually “MEANT” – at Assembly & In_Front_Of – ?
    >>> … THE WHOLE HIGH SCHOOL … >>>
    He had told his teacher … (earlier that day)
    That he could recite a poem of a (local) – WELL KNOWN POET.
    Hahaha – even his form teacher was “stunned” – when…
    The very next day.. during the early “assembly” …&
    Before the Head Master had “time” to address the school…
    UP MARCHED MY SON (I was told months later).
    Well – a small uproar ensued … then came silence.
    My son – stood at ease – in front of ALL his peers…
    & stated…
    This was written by a very_well_known “local_poet”…
    Well- at least the POET – is well known to me..
    I’ve known this person – all of my “LIFE”.
    & I will tell you – who they are… after I recite this:-
    It is simply entitled…
    >>>>>>>>   FRIENDSHIPS >>>>>>>>

    I believe in “FRIENDSHIPS” …
       Although in “Friendships” I get HURT ,
    And I dislike those “Friends”
       Who tread my face into the DIRT ;

    I believe in “fairy_tales”
       And tales of LONG_AGO .
    Of little fairies in the WOODS
       And Lambs_Tails – “To & Fro” ;

    I believe in “Butterflies”
       Altho’ BUTTER “flies” (when_thrown) ,
    And it’s not easy to be spread
       When TO_HEAD – it has “flown” ;

    I believe in being “FOUND”
       And “FOUND” is what I’ve been ,
    ‘Cause when “Lost_or_Just_Hiding”
       ‘Tis very difficult to be “SEEN” ;

       Because A_FRIEND – is like a “DOVE” ,
    Always “Fluttering_within_my_Reach”
       And ‘Tempting_Me” – with “LOVE” :
    Apparently – he had a ten minute “STANDING OVATION”…
    & then he dropped his “bombshell”…
    The POET (he said) …
    … Is my DAD …
    (the teacher told me – as I said… months later)
    And also added… there was TOTAL SILENCE,,,
    After bing “told” – EXACTLY – whom had written – HIS POEM.

    & then slowly – the clapping started again…
    (Until again – he got another standing ovation)
    It had finally dawned on a few of them…
    that this wee man… of mine
    Sometimes the work of a SOLO DAD… is not recognised
    But – in this case – it was.
    He had been “hearing” way too many arrogant & INCORRECT rumours…
    About kid’s being “brought_up” – by DAD’s alone…
    So he had wanted to PROVE_OTHERWISE to them
    (& he did).
    As far as the school was concerned…
    HE – was the ONLY 3rd former – “ON_RECORD”
    Whom had the (entire) 7th “form” PERMISSION…
    To ENTER & USE – the 7th form COMMON ROOM…
    “Any_time” that he LIKED… (thereafter).

  2. @ralfyz_babiigurl  Ah that’s Ok Kristin… As they do “say” – one must “move” – to LIVE …(as when one stops moving – one isn’t “actually_alive”) Thus… in appreciation for your time… (and in appreciation of ur frustration with Ur “flattie” friend)…I would like to let U see… & also “freely (ab)use”… something else I’ve made,(apart from my many innovations & things across at which ??? no matter how frequently I (or their recipents) gift these away – ???they’ll ALWAYS flourish easily… wherever they call (?) “home” PLUS – they are always both mine, the 1st recipient’s …& the NEXT, & the NEXT, & still NEXT ? (sender’s) ALSO… Thus I toss my gift to U.. (things) which shall “move” wherever U go … (my):- E.Flowers…_-@!*/-_ which are but…a Single RED @ Rose ,a Tall GREEN ! Leaf , &a Wee BLUE * Carnation … that are all gently >_-wrapt/-_in a delightfull “Pink.Tinsel.Paper”4U to enjoy… &by being Waterless, Timeless & wiltless… shall survive…> ? >All the ravages of “moving” (through time & WITHIN time travel),as well as these alternate means of transportation & delivery,  such as …via electronic data throughout the world, or as “driftwood_drawn_lines” across some remote coastal sandy beach, as well as via a lonely finger pulled across a dusty van panel, maybe through misty bus windows or along dirt laden car bumpers,& simply “SPOKEN_ABOUT” or doodled upon a telephone_pad (at someone else’s “office”) EVEN via a simple “shift” of Ur housing location… or YET again… if just simply “..>>..” forwardedE.MAILED … (in their full & vibrant colours) And… can now – NEVER – be “simply” lost or given away …?because they “ARE” (already) – firmly planted & growing freely… Here… within Ur mind’s eye. Thus… go forth & propagate these, whilst forever enjoying them within Urself…as they “GROW”… Cheers & Au revoir… Keith.

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