Yesterday (I did a lot more Yesterday)

Yesterday (I did a lot more Yesterday – than I did – TODAY)


Yesterday… I did?

Um ?



I’m thinking… thinking… still thinking…

(I haven’t remembered yet – am still overtired from doing – ?)




Ahah- C… I knew I’d remember (when lower down here it says – currently… )… ?

Wahoo – yearh..

I was more than just “Listening” to my music…


I spent most of the day…

 “Hot-wiring” a whole heap of tiny Xmas fairy_lights … (directly) … across ALL_SIX channels (being part of my surround speaker system) and needed to adjust the actual numbers & circuit configurations – at each speaker… to ensure I had approximately the “same” numbers on ALL six… yet when mainly MONO was driven – I could still “see” at least a PARTIAL_GLOW  … in most of the rear speakers.


I frequently BUMPED the volume way too high … (they were good songs tho) to have obtained several

?^> ///““ extremely bright “blown_bulb_flashes”

& then having to re-place these – one after another – until I decided to “wire_in” an overvoltage limiter on the offending speaker/s “light_sets”..

Needless to say – it wasn’t until around 4am – before I’d finished that task…

Thus – Yesterday…

(I got way more “done” – than I got done – TODAY)

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